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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Year 2

Enjoy your Easter Holidays!



Hello Birch Class! 


You've already had a few days at trying to to make a home day into a school day and I'm sure you've had some fun trying! Don't try and do too much - remember to get some exercise in between the work you've chosen to do. Run up the stairs, dance round your bedroom, see how many times you can catch a ball or pair of socks - anything to keep your body moving and your heart pumping!


Two new additions are links to David Walliams reading a new story each day at 11 in the morning, and a phonics lesson to start the day at 9.30, 10am or 10.30. Also login to 5 a day so you can dance every morning just like we always do (follow the link below to details).


Just enjoy clicking on the links and getting used to the website. If you need help with anything ask your grown up. If they need help, they can get in touch with school and we will try to sort out any problems. 


Any work you're really proud of, or work that will make me smile laugh, ask your grown up to send a picture to Evidence Me and I'll reply as soon as I can.


*NEW* Check out Super Movers and Pobble 365 below!


Have fun!


 from Mrs Thompson smiley