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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Art, Music and French

As-tu un animal?


Our French topic this term has helped us to learn the names of a variety of pets. We have recapped using un/une with masculine and feminine nouns and have learned the stem phrases j'ai (I have), je n'ai pas de (I do not have) and qui s'appelle (who is called). 

Listen to the clips below. Can you work out which pets each person does/does not have?






Every picture tells a story

This half term we are analysing, evaluating and responding to art in different ways. Today we looked at the painting Children's Games by Pieter Bruegel (1560). We took time to spot hidden details in the picture, played a searching game to find different elements and discussed different aspects of the picture with our partners. We generated questions about the artwork and read information to answer some of them. 


In our English work, we considered games that we have today and worked as a group to write a short guide on how to play them. Later on, we identified elements of the painting that we enjoyed and worked in groups to recreate them outside. We took turns to photograph, evaluate and edit our pictures before sending them to Mrs Holliday to become part of our own Children's Games collage.


Take a look at our photos below - can you spot which parts of the original painting we are trying to represent?

Printing: using 2D shapes to make stamps and creating symmetrical or repeating geometric patterns

Our cross-curricular art activity helped us to make links between our learning. We studied pictures from our history topic and used viewfinders to select interesting lines and shapes. We drew a 10cm square accurately using a ruler and traced an interesting section of our picture. We then used reflection to create an artwork with vertical and horizontal symmetry. As a challenge, we then coloured our pictures and tried to keep the colours symmetrical too.

Printing: exploring texture and line

Today we explored using natural and everyday objects to make impressions in play dough. We experimented with different textures and lines by pressing, rolling and piercing. We then made our final designs and used ink to print them. We had some challenges because our warm hands caused the oil to cause problems with our water-based ink but we persevered! 

Learning and applying the 4 rules of shading

Lean on Me - Sign and Sing

Still image for this video
In music today we continued to learn the words and signs for our song Lean On Me. This prompted discussions about sign language and its importance to the deaf community. The children have asked if we can learn some more basic BSL which we will build into our Friday afternoon lesson time alongside French this half term.

Lean on Me 2

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Ukulele this week: revising the C chord

G7 chord.mp3

Wellerman rhythm practice .mp3

French lesson - singing and playing a nursery rhyme.mp3

Our art project this half term: Slices of nature (see below for details)

slices_of_nature (360p).mp4

Still image for this video


Every Thursday, Mr Haythornthwaite comes in to teach us music. We are learning to play the ukulele as well as learning music theory and how to read and compose using the musical stave.


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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Assessment Task: writing to Maple class to revise key phrases

Carol singing (in English and French!) to our neighbouring classes

Vive le vent.mp3

Illustrating the Jabberwocky

This unit began with us working together on a large scale, practising our techniques with sketching pencils and charcoal. We worked with different lines, shades and patterns to represent feelings, emotions and events. Once we had shared and evaluated these, we used our learning to imagine a scene from the Jabberwocky, eventually moving on to designing our own mythical creatures using wax resist techniques.

Creating art from everyday objects

Practising introductions in French

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video