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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


What is mental health?

We spent some time discussing what we already know and defining mental health. Once we had a clear definition we talked about different things it could affect.

We likened mental health to scales.

We likened mental health to scales

We discussed which factors can either challenge the balance of our mental health or support it.

My mental health


We began using string to create a relationship web to see all the ways we are connected.

After this we looked at different scenarios and discussed different thoughts, feelings and actions from each of them.

Love and Loss

We went through different examples and placed them on a continuum for loss and change. We talked about the emotions we might feel.

Stages of grief - How they don’t always happen in order but that they’re all normal emotions.

Being online and using technology responsibly


We talked a different scenarios after recapping the SMARRT rules. As a group we then created a power point for parents to help them understand how to best support us.

Online safety powerpoint for parents