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Seascale Primary School

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Our first lesson about electricity began with a quick recap about what we learnt in Year 4. We then started to think about renewable energy sources. We first learnt about Global Goal 7 and what it means.

“It’s about saving the environment and making electricity more affordable and to stop making it from fossil fuels because it is polluting the Earth and making it harder for people to breath.”

“Global goal 7 is about making the energy we use more sustainable so that it doesn‘t hurt the environment as much as it does now and using things like wind turbines and solar panels to help the environment.”

Lesson 2 focused on investigating circuits. In groups we used equipment to make a circuit with a bulb, a buzzer, 2 bulbs and a switch. For each one we drew a diagram and explained what was happening. We then discussed some key questions, for example; what happens when we add a motor and a bulb? What happens to the bulb if we increase the number or power of a battery?

After investigating circuits and drawing them we realised we weren't using the correct symbols to represent the different elements of our circuits so we decided to focus on that. We matched up real pictures, to the symbols and definition and then played circuit bingo, very competitively. 

We spent some time investigating voltage and what it means. We planned and carried out an investigation collaboratively. From deciding what equipment was needed, to making predictions, recording our results and making an informed conclusion.

We conducted an experiment in groups to investigate conductor and insulators.We built our own circuits and tested a range of materials including, metal paperclips, rubbers, tin foil and modelling clay. It was interesting to observe if our predictions were right.

To end our topic we learnt all about the history of electricity and a range of different scientists from William Gilbert to Benjamin Franklin.