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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Information texts - pets

Our topic for Autumn 2 is Information texts - Pets.

In the first lesson of our new topic, we read the story ‘dogs’ by Emily Gravett. We started by talking about what a pet was. We then had lots of discussion about our dogs or dogs that we knew. We talked about what they looked like and how they behaved. We then drew pictures of our favourite dog and wrote a description about them. We then drew the opposite kind of dog and wrote a sentence about that one too such. For example, we had spotty and striped dogs, hairy and bald dogs and big and little dogs.

Today we talked about Cats instead of dogs. We read another book by Emily Gravett - ‘Matilda’s cat’. We spoke about true and false information about cats. We then wrote some sentences that we knew were true about cats and made some really silly false sentences up about them too.

We learnt more about non fiction books today. We spoke about what non fiction meant and what these kind of books might include. We then used a checklist to see if all the typical features were in our non fiction animal books. It was super exciting using sticky notes!

Today we have been answering comprehension questions about a new story; the dog who wouldn’t stop barking.we used whiteboards and videos on the iPads to record our answers.

Using pictures of the dogs in the story we are reading, we did a carousel around the classroom, writing as many different adjectives about each dog. We then used our favourite adjectives to create noun phrases.

Today we became copy editors. We edited a piece of text, adding in the punctuation that was missing.

In English we have been looking at punctuation. We sorted sentences according to what punctuation they were missing. We then wrote the sentences out, adding in the correct punctuation.

Today we have been developing questions that can be answered using non-fiction books. We used sticky notes to write these down and then found the answer in the book.