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Seascale Primary School

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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is held on 10th October every year.

World Mental Health Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health.

It is a day when people can come together to show their support for people who suffer with their mental health and to unite in our efforts to improve the mental health of people around the world.


The World Mental Health Day theme for 2022 is 'Make Mental Health and Wellbeing for all a Global Priority' and the focus will be helping people with long-term health conditions and people living in challenging circumstances

We talked and decided what mental health meant first and then discussed the terms anxiety, depression and anger. We came up collectively, with a clear explanation for what these meant and then started to think of different ways we could look after our own well-being.

  • Talk to someone (trusted adults that we feel comfortable with)
  • Exercise (walking outside, a game with friends)
  • Healthy Eating (fruits and vegetables each day)
  • Relaxing (mindfulness colouring, reading, completing a maze or puzzle)

Calm Corner

We are very lucky in class to have a calm corner which we can use with lots of resources in to help us. 

Within our calm corner we have a 'Pause' box which has different activities that help to regulate our emotions. Since the beginning of term they have been available to us to use and today we took some time to discuss the effect using them has on us and now they can keep us in the best zone for learning. 

We also have a 'breathe' box in class and so today we practiced some different breathing techniques. 

We became 'Emotions detectives' and explored the emotions Calm and Anger. We thought about the effect those emotions had on our body and the best way to support that. 

As a class we came up with a 'Calm Corner Contract' to make sure we use the calm corner to best support our well being and learning.

We split in to groups and took poems created by Jen Foster to learn and perform. We worked on this as a groups project with year 5. Year 6 learnt and performed the poems about;

  • Tiredness
  • Sickness
  • Pride
  • Silliness
  • Worry 
  • Excitement


The poems we learnt were all based on the ones in our calm space in different zones. Follow the link to hear Year 5 poems and watch Year 6 below.


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