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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Dreams and Goals

Personal Learning Goals

We kicked off our new unit on dreams and goals thinking about our strengths. Mrs Crowther gave us a list of thing such as reading, being a good friend and football to decide whether it is a strength of ours or something we could improve. It was good to think about ourselves and all the things we class as a strength.


Mrs Crowther shared her example of a goal she achieved, of becoming a tea her and how she had to persevere, focus and show resilience.


We then came up with two goals, one that is school based and one that it something personal from outside of school.

Steps to success


for this lesson we took some time to think about. The goals we created last lesson and really thought about how we could achieve them. We learnt about totem poles and how we draw different qualities from animals and created our steps to success for each of our goals in the form of our own totem poles.

My dream for the world

As part of our understanding of dreams and goals for ourselves, it is always important to think of others. We talked about fairness and what it meant to us.

When I see people in the world ....mp3

Mrs Crowther shared pictures from a range of sources and in groups we discussed 4 key questions; 

1)What the picture is showing?

2)Where the picture might have been taken (e.g. country)

3)What might be the difficulty the child/people/person lives with in this situation?

4)What might help their situation?

5) How you feel about the situation?


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Helping to make a difference

Please follow the link to our Global Goals projects which we have been planning as part of our collaboration with Phunky Foods. We have worked in groups to identify a SDG we wanted to focus on that could support our school and local area.

Recognising our achievements

To celebrate our collaborative work we wrote post it notes for individuals who make a difference to the overall group project.

Contribution to the group task