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Seascale Primary School

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Foulshaw Ospreys

Foulshaw Ospreys

In March 2021, Seascale School adopted two ospreys at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve.

They are Blue 35 (Mum) and White YW (Dad).


Scroll down to see some exciting Osprey updates!


To view the live camera, click here 

12th July 2021

Wooo! Big Bob has fledged the nest! Only Tiny to go now... it won't be long as she is flapping her wings ferociously to join her brother and sister!

Still image for this video

11th July 2021

Mum fends off an intruder osprey! The chicks lie flat and blend into the nest. Middle swoops in to be protected by Mum. 

Still image for this video

You can do it, Big Bob! Some serious helicoptering here.

Still image for this video

Big and Tiny show their brother their wings! Nearly there you two!


10th July 2021

Middle Bob loves his new trick and has been flying back and forth all day. Come on Big and Tiny! Big is trying hard but tiny just keeps napping!

Still image for this video

9th July 2021

And then there were two! Middle Bob has fledged the nest! He is not far away and will be back when his tummy starts rumbling. He has been spotted perched above the camera and swooping around the nest!

Still image for this video

8th July 2021

We think 464 will be first to fly over to the tree. Look at him go!

Still image for this video

4th July 2021

There has been lots of flapping going on! It won't be long before the chicks fledge the nest. We will keep our eyes peeled! 

Still image for this video

27th June 2021

The chicks were ringed today, so they can be identified and tracked on their many travels. You can see one blue leg poking out!

Blue 462 = Big Bob (Female)

Blue 463 = Tiny Bob (Probably Female but too small to tell)

Blue 464 = Middle Bob (Male)

25th June 2021

The chicks have grown so fast, they can only fit their heads under mum now! At least their heads are dry!

17th June 2021

The bigger Bobs are full up so tiny gets lots of fish.

16th June 2021

The chicks practise standing and exercise their wings.

13th June 2021

Teeny Tiny gets some lunch.

12th June 2021

Big stretch for Tiny Bob! 

7th June 2021

Mum looking proud of her chicks this evening!

5th June 2021

Three active chicks!

27th May 2021

Mum keeps the chicks warm and dry. And... more fish if course!

26th May 2021

Mum feeds three hungry chicks. Proud parents!

25th May 2021

Mum swoops in with some lunch for her chicks.

22nd May 2021

Happy birthday chick number 3! Mum is walking on her knuckles so she doesn't catch the chicks with her sharp talons.

20th May 2021

Happy birthday chick number 2!

19th May 2021

Happy birthday, chick number 1! Having some dinner.


15th May 2021

Mum looks proudly at her three eggs!

5th May 2021

Dad swoops in with some dinner for Mum; growing eggs is hungry work!


11th April 2021

Mum has laid an egg! Here she is incubating it. Mum and Dad will take turns keeping the egg safe and warm for the next 5 weeks!