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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Early Islamic Civilisation

For our first lesson, we thought about what we can learn from maps. We compared a map from 1154 to a modern day atlas to see if we recognised anything. We then discussed what the map could tell us about early Islamic civilisation. 

We began to think about The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was the founder of Islam. We created a list of questions we wanted to answer about him. We then studied a range of sources to find out about his life. Finally, we put all our information together to make sound bites. 


We moved on to learn about the creation of Baghdad. We learned that Caliph Al-Mansur created the round city. Using descriptions, we imagined what the city first looked like. 

We then began learning about what everyday life would have been like in Baghdad. See our freeze frames that show what we learned!

Identifying historical sources of evidence

We then used our school timeline to understand how the Anglo-Saxon and Viking time periods compared with Early Islamic Civilisation. We then drew or labelled our own timelines. 

After this, we learned about Anglo-Saxon life. 

We then used what we had learned to compare and contrast Anglo-Saxon life with life in Baghdad.