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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

London Eye Mystery

We began the story by thinking about London’s, we put a picture of the skyline and noticed what we could see.

As we started to read we discovered more about Ted, the main character and so started a role on the wall to add all that we learn as we delve deeper in to the story to see if our perceptions change.

When we learnt about the new characters, we drew a character map to understand the connections more clearly.

As Ted we wrote a short diary extract detailing how he felt about his cousin staying with him.

Once Salim and Aunt Gloria arrived they were deciding how to spend their day in London. We conducted some research about attractions in London and wrote a piece of persuasive writing.

The more we have read the more we are learning about Ted and are continuing to update our character profile.

We learn that he has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. We looked in to this and found out that people are no longer diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome. Instead the behaviours have been incorporated into the wider understanding of the Autism Spectrum – hence, a person with symptoms previously associated with Asperger’s would now receive a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder.


We wanted to learn more and so answered the question 'What do I think I know?' and 'What would I like to know?' We then completed some research and updated our points if needed and found out new information. After research we completed a 'What do I know about Autism?'


With the information we have gathered we wrote an explanatory text to explain ASD to others.