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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


Today in English, we used our knowledge of recipes to explore commands and statements. The children loved making their own bossy commands and telling myself and each other what to do.

We began our topic on instructions by exploring some recipe books. We answer some questions about the key features and the layout of the recipes.

Our topic for Summer term is 'Instructions'.

The children have really enjoyed painting their own version of a scene from 'the whales song'.

We have been recapping on nouns and adjectives this week.

We read a new story today ‘Tin forest’. We then used pictures to sequence the story in the right order.

Today we began our new topic. We read the book ‘fox’ and then answered lost of different questions about the story. We them drew pictures using pencils and pastels, of a character within the story.

Our topic for Spring 2 is ‘Stories about the wild’.

Making some bossy commands for palaeontologists.

We became palaeontologists for the day. We investigated different tools that a palaeontologist may use and thought of some statements and questions about it.

Today we have been learning about nouns. Year 2 have been sorting nouns into common nouns and proper nouns.

We have been using the contents and index page to answer some comprehension questions.

We have been exploring the glossary in a non-fiction book. We used the words from our dinosaur encyclopaedia, and put them in alphabetical order.

Today we found out what an adjective is. We then used lots of different adjectives to describe some very interesting dinosaur eggs.

We had a look at the 'or' sound and discovered that there are lots of different ways you can write this sound. We searched through a piece of text in our book to find all of the words that included this sound.

Our topic for Spring term is 'non-fiction texts' using dinosaurs as our theme.