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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Ancient Greece 🇬🇷

Ancient Greece

To begin our topic we listed the things we already know about Ancient Greece and what we wonder and want to find out during our topic.

Mrs Crowther set us a research task to create a class leaflet about modern day Greece. We decided to research and write about location, cities, terrain, climate, travel, culture, food, architecture, religion, employment and language.

We set to work using the internet, atlases and books and Mrs Crowther even brought Greek tapas in to try while we worked along listening to Greek music in the background.

We presented our work to the class and wrote notes from the other presentations.

Following on from our work around modern day Greece we spend some time investigating timelines. We used our school timeline to discuss what was happening ‘somewhere and elsewhere’ during different time periods throughout Greek history. Using key points in Greek history we worked collaboratively to plot them in order and then create our own.

Greek Art

Our next few sessions focused around a task Mrs Crowther set to become 'Mythbusters' and record a podcast all about proving and disproving different Greek myths. 


We first learnt about the terms primary and secondary sources and looked at examples of them for both Greek medicine and The Olympics. We worked in pairs to decide whether they were primary and secondary and looked at the reliability and validity of them.

Mrs Crowther then split us in to two different groups. She gave us information packs of two different myths; The Trojan War and The Minotaur. The pack included a synopsis of the myth and a variety of different sources. We had lots of discussions about the sources and whether they were accurate and if we could trust them and taking notes. 

We turned out notes in to a script and then recorded a podcast. 

Mythbuster Podcast - Trojan Horse Episode

Mythbuster Podcast - Minotaur Episode