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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Drawing: Make my voice heard

Experimental mark making

We collected information to identify the key features of Maya art and explored mark making using a range of handmade tools. We also made comparisons between different artworks.


Symbolic imagery

We drew our Maya spirit companion and considered its meaning. We generated a range of symbols, patterns and colours that represent ourselves and took inspiration from an artist’s style.


We discussed the effect of light and dark on an object and considered how to draw it and learnt what the term mean and we understand how it can be used for effect. We then had a go at creating our own piece by applying chiaroscuro to a tonal drawing.

Street art

We discussed the similarities and differences between art styles and shared ideas about ‘what art is’ or ‘should be’ and justified choices. We began to think and identify something we feel strongly about and considered how to represent it through a drawing for next lesson.

Powerful imagery

We analysed how artists convey messages referring back to Autumn term's look at Guernica by Pablo Picasso. We took inspiration from him to develop an idea, applying drawing techniques for visual impact and effect. We worked independently, revisiting and reviewing my work to develop our piece.