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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief and Greek Myths


This term we will be learning from both of the books below.

To hook us to our learning we started researching the 12 Olympians. We linked this learning to our Computing unit 'We are Publishers'

Unit 1

Chapter 1 discussion - group 1

Chapter 1 discussion - group 2

Questions we have from Chapter 1


  • What type of mythical creature is Mrs Dodds?
  • Why did all his classmates forget who she was?
  • How come Mrs Dodds changed?
  • Which city do they live in?
  • Is Mr Brunner a half-blood?
  • How did the pen turn in to a sword?
  • Why does Grover walk funny?
  • How did Percy find out that he was a half-blood?
  • How come Mrs Dodds was replaced by Mrs Kerr?
  • Why was Mrs Dodds there?
  • Why was Mr Brunner in a wheelchair?
  • Who is Percy Jackson's father because he mentioned his mum?

Class prediction


I think that his teacher is in a wheelchair because he is a monster fighter and he'll help Percy.

I don't think Mr Brunner is disabled, he's going to help Percy and they'll go to Mount Olympus. 

I think that in each chapter a different creature will come to hurt Percy and at the end of the book Percy will fight Zeus.

I think that chapter 1 was a dream and when he wakes up Mrs Dodds will be there as normal.

I think he is going to be suspended from school.

We revised sentence punctuation, formal and informal langauge and then wrote a selection of informal and formal letters in role as Percy and the headteacher of Yancy Academy about being expelled. 

Unit 2

During this unit we have revised modal verbs and expanded noun phrases. Listen to our description about the Minotaur and Mrs Dodds when she turned to a Fury.

Mrs Dodds

Minotaur - Group 1

Minotaur - Group 2

Minotaur - Group 3

Minotaur - Group 4

Chapter 6 discussion - Group 1

Chapter 6 discussion - Group 2

Chapter 6 discussion - Group 3

Predictive and descriptive writing

We learnt that each cabin in camp half-blood is patronised by one of the Olympians. We spent some time in groups discussing different ideas for which cabin would suit us best and describe what we thought they'd look like. Once we had gathered our ideas we wrote a predictive and descriptive paragraph about which cabin we would be suited too applying the grammar we had learnt the last week and focusing on giving reasons for our predictions. 

Unit 3

In unit 3, we spent some time revising apostrophes and their different uses. We revised the subjunctive form and wrote a 'Camp Charter' applying the formal writing. 

Sentence forms

Sentence forms 2

Instructional Writing

We empathise with the character and realise how hard it must have been to start a new and unfamiliar camp and so we decided to create some ‘How to’ guides for new campers.

Unit 4

During this topic we will be writing our own information texts and reports. To begin with we read different examples and discussed features. We read more of the story and asked some questions.

We revised parenthesis and how to punctuate it correctly. We had a go at identifying parenthesis ourselves and punctuated it correctly with commas, dashes and brackets. We revised the term adverbials and discussed what they were and how to punctuate them correctly. With the chapter we just read we rewrote it in an explanation form in the view of the driver and included adverbials to add detail.

Information and explanation texts

Unit 5


Bullet points

We spent some time using fictional newspaper articles to identify key features of reports. Once we revised bullet points we wrote our own lists using them correctly showing what we had learnt were the features of reports.

Dialogue punctuation

We read more chapters of the book and took different exerts from the text to identify how and where dialogue is punctuated correctly, adding a reporting clause alongside inverted commas. We then looked at it from the view of a journalist and learnt how to report it ready for writing a newspaper report. We became journalists and eyewitnesses asking each other questions.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Commas, colons and semi colons

We spent some time revising the above and making sure we understood how to use them correctly.


Newspaper Reports

To finish off our unit we became journalists and wrote a newspaper article all about the incident at The Gateway Arch.