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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Weekly Learning 18.05.20

Hello Year 4!


I hope you've managed to have an enjoyable week while still staying safe! My week was much quieter due to the weather but I have been very busy with lots of school work!


This is your last week of home learning before we all have a week off for half term. We all deserve a break so make the most of it! I hope the weather is good to us! I will continue putting the home learning up after half term.


I miss you all very much!

Stay safe, 


Mrs Wells 

Miss West's Computing Challenge:


Year 3 and Year 4


As your Home Learning theme this week is Celebrations, Miss West thought we would learn how to code our own musical instruments in Scratch. As every good party needs music and dancing.

Remember you don’t need an account to use Scratch you can save your work by downloading it to your computer and uploading it, to open it back up. You can follow the instruction (the printable instructions are easier to follow) to use Scratch online.

If you don’t have access to the Scratch online you could do the unplugged Hand Jive Activity you will make up a hand jive routine and create the instructions for a partner to follow.