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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Balance ability

We decided to put some funding into the Nursery Class so they could develop their balance and cycling skills.

All the children in 2017/18 and the previous years Nursery class have benefited from taking part in Balance Ability training.

Balance Ability



What we Provided


Balanceabilty Training

Target Group

Nursery and Reception Children

What we provided (Inc. Why we provided it, potential difficulties and specific learning outcomes)

The difference we made (Inc. evidence of how we know)


Specific Learning Outcome

To enable children to feel confident, secure and self-assured when riding a Balance Bike in preparation for the progression to a pedal bike.

To bring attention to the fundamentals of balance and co-ordination.

To develop gross motor skills through learning of footwork patterns required for propulsion on balance bikes.

To become spatially aware of others and objects around them.

To follow instructions

Planned Provision

Structured weekly lessons for 6 weeks during the year


The children have thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to balance bikes and developed motor-function control and balance, which was evident from the assessment at the beginning and end of the block of sessions.

The children have learned a range of skills to support their health and wellbeing, and have developed an enjoyment of cycling.

During 2017/2018

11 Reception Children attended the sessions. At the end of the sessions 2 children had gained the confidence to take the skills they had learned and transfer them to their pedal bikes enabling them to ride their bikes solo.

17 Nursery Children attended the sessions in 2017/2018 and 3 of these children learned to ride their bike and did not require balanceability sessions within Reception.

All children gained Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development including

  • Confidence
  • The ability to keep on trying
  • Pride in their achievement
  • Understand the need for safety when tackling new challenges and manage some risks
  • Practise some safety measures without direct supervision