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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Photo Opportunity


We began this unit by talking about Dada artist Hannah Hoch and discussing some of her images from over 100 years ago. We talked about what the term photomontage meant and had a go at creating some faces using that principle.

We were given a design brief to design a poster advertising products from different departments; kitchen, toy, garden and beauty, in the style of a cityscape. It was a great chance for us to practice our photomontage skills and create one in the style of an advertisement poster.

Macro Photography

We began this lesson by looking at the work of Edward Weston and a photograph he took of a cabbage. We annotated the picture with words to describe it, what we thought it was and then we imitated that style.

In groups we were given different fruits and vegetables; cauliflower, pineapple, pepper, onion, spring onion, strawberries and a red cabbage. In our groups we took six photos of our object thinking about the lighting in the room, the background and the position of the object.

Once we had our six photos, we chose our favourite one and edited it in the style of Edward Weston with the goal of making it look like a different object entirely.

Digital Photography

For this lesson we used different album covers as a stimulus and answered some key questions.

We used Derek Boateng and his images as a stimulus to create our own album designs. We worked in groups with musical instruments to decide on our composition and all of us decided to position ourselves in front of a plain background so that we could edit with bold colours.

We used Chuck Close as inspiration to create some self portraits in a photorealism style.