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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


Our topic for Autumn term is an introduction to the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age.

Today in History, we became Archaeologists. We went outside with our shovels and dug up some artefacts from the Stone Age and Iron Age. We then dusted them off carefully and brought them inside to investigate them. We had so much fun!

We really enjoyed using the IPads to find our own facts about the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age. We also began to make our own timeline using important dates we already knew.

Today we observed our artefacts in more detail. We discussed the texture and the weight with our table. We spoke about what they were made from and what they could have possibly been used for.

We took our history lesson outside to the woodlands today. We worked in teams to build our own Mesolithic house. We used materials that would have been available in the Stone Age such as sticks, leaves, mud and other naturally objects. We then walked round as a class and admired everyone’s hard work.