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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Teeth and Digestion

Our Eggsperiment

We designed an experiment to see the effect different liquids have on our teeth. We used eggs as the eggshell has similarities to our teeth, the eggs were stored in different liquids over a number of days before brushing.


To ensure it was a fair test all of the liquids were equally measured, stored in the same location and for the same period of time.

To review the impact we made visual observations of changes to the eggs, looking at colour and texture. It is amazing at how the shell brushed off and changed colour.

After looking at the eggs we looked back at our predictions and explored why certain drinks, like zero sugar, still had a large impact on our teeth.

Following our experiment we investigated food chains identifying producers, consumers, predators and prey.

After looking at food chains we put them into a shared ecosystem. This created food webs which we then made.