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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Kensuke’s Kingdom

We came up with some vocabulary for our sea poem. 

In blue, we added what Michael might be feeling emotionally and in red we added what he might be feeling physically. 

We wrote questions in red that Michael might have about Kensuke after he met him. In blue, we added what we already know about Kensuke.

We all agreed that there were loose ends of the story that needed to be tied up so we thought carefully about how Michael’s parents must be feeling. We role played a conversation between his mum and dad. 

Holly and Millie.mp3

Amelia and Joe .mp3

Isla and Georgina .mp3

Kai and Lily .mp3

Henry and Emily .mp3

Ava and Harry.mp3

Isaac, Mia and Jessica .mp3

James and Laycie .mp3

Jason and Edward .mp3