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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


What I already know ...

What I wonder ...

Describe a mountain and locate the seven summits.

We spent sometime defining a mountain and using an atlas to find the seven summits.

Features of a mountain

Today we used different articles on oddizzi to distill relevant information to help us explain the different features of mountains and define the different types of mountains found on Earth. We found it particularly interesting to find out about underwater mountain ranges.

Mountain Life

We began by learning about the climate in mountainous regions and specifically focused on life in The Himalayas and The Alps.

As part of our learning about mountain life we spoke with Will Sim who is an aplinist currently living in The Alps. He took some time to meet with us virtually and answer some of the children’s questions. 

Seven Summits

After all our learning about mountains, Mrs Crowther set us a challenge to work in pairs or small groups to create a factfile about one of the seven summits. We decided what we wanted to include, completed the research and used word to create our factfiles.