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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


The United Kingdom

Starting our new topic this term we came up with a list of wonder questions! Things we'd like to learn during the topic.

We spent time in our partners familiarising ourselves with the atlas. We looked at the contents page and discussed where best to find the information we needed to complete our maps.

Next we watched some aerial footage of all the countries and came up with different words to describe them. We noticed that we repeated some of the words as there were similar things in each clip.

Using famous landmarks from around the United Kingdom we sorted them to countries and whether they were physical features or human.

Next was time to develop our atlas skills further, this time looking to identify regions and major cities in England.

We started our 'Izzigram' page this week. Developing an Instagram dedicated to famous landmarks. This week we got to choose our landmark from London and Edinburgh. We've also begun creating some landmark art using watercolours. Watch this space for an update!

Watercolour landmarks from around the UK