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Seascale Primary School

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Common Exception Words


These words are those that are spelled in unusual or tricky ways. It is not possible to use phonics to spell them correctly, so children learn them as exception words. In spelling lessons, we usually look for the tricky part of the spelling and use coloured pencils to highlight these. We often draw pictures in the letters or around the words to help us with the tricky parts. Colour and pictures help fix things in our visual memory. Sometimes it's funny (and helpful!) to say the words in silly or exaggerated ways to help remember the tricky bits.


Please have some fun learning these words!

Year 2 Common Exception Words - these spellings need to be learned

Year 1 Common Exception Words - these words should be spelled correctly all of the time

Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words - joined and unjoined

Year 2 Common Exception Words for handwriting and spelling practice