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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


Tennis Coaching

What we Provided


A tennis coach for 2 classes of Y3/4 children (46 chn)for 1 hour a week for 6 weeks



Target Group



What we provided (Inc. Why we provided it, potential difficulties and specific learning outcomes)

The difference we made (Inc. evidence of how we know)

Specific Learning Outcome –


To improve the quality of tennis coaching


To develop the children skills in net games


To develop the teachers skills in the delivery of coaching to the children.



Planned Provision –


A tennis coach for 2 classes of Y3/4 children (46 chn)for 1 hour a week for 6 weeks


The aim is also to send an A and a B team to the tennis competition.









The children thoroughly enjoyed the tennis coaching from Andy Lloyd and looked forward to the sessions each week.

One child in particular, who finds team games very difficult, shone in the sessions and showed his skills in a safe and controlled env.

Having a coach in allowed the staff to work alongside Andy during the delivery but also take a step back to observe the hand eye coordination and the ability levels of the children.


We were able to send two teams to the tennis competition at Westlakes and one of our teams has progressed to the Copeland finals.


12 children attended the after school club (26%)following on from the in school tennis coaching and approx. 6 (13%) have begun to play for the local club AFTER the delivery of the in school sessions.


Staff feel more confident about delivery of the skills in the future and have fed back that they would like further training from Andy if available.