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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Thor the Walrus

Thor the Walrus at Scarborough

When we were learning about the importance of New Year around the world, and looking at the spectacular firework display in London, we found out that one firework display had been cancelled for very unusual reasons. Scarborough Council had cancelled their annual display because an arctic walrus had arrived on their beach and the council worried that the noise of a firework display would distress the walrus. We talked about the reasons this walrus could have become lost and we looked at the world map to see how far he had to go before he could be home. 
The children decided to write to Scarborough Council to thank them for cancelling the fireworks. They really hope Thor finds his way home soon.


Letters of Thanks

Receiving a reply

We received a reply from Andy at Scarborough Borough Council asking us for an interview that they could use in a podcast about Thor. We were so excited to do this!

Reply from Andy at Scarborough Borough Council

Our interview!

Andy said that our drawings were excellent and he was very impressed with our neat handwriting. He said we should expect to hear from the Head of Scarborough Council.

Scarborough BC Podcast featuring Alder Class Year 3

Listen from 4 minutes for Year 3's contribution to this podcast.

Letter from the Mayor


We were delighted to receive a letter from the Mayor of the Borough of Scarborough Council!