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Seascale Primary School

Aim High



Golf 2017-18


What we Provided

A golf coach for 2 classes (46 children)

An after school club (accessed by 11 children)


Target Group

Years 5 AND 6

What we provided (Inc. Why we provided it, potential difficulties and specific learning outcomes)

The difference we made (Inc. evidence of how we know)

Specific Learning Outcome


1. To deliver quality coaching in golf

2. To encourage children to take part in extra curricular provision within the community.


We chose to invest in this area as it is a challenging skill to teach without the correct training in place. We have a fantastic local golf club that few of the children at Seascale access.


Golf utilises the skills of balance and coordination as well as other skills and strategies but it does rely on having the correct equipment and this can be costly.


Planned Provision


We have made links with the local golf course, who used national funding to resource a coach to come into school with the aim of encouraging more pupils to take part in golf outside of school.

Currently 10 pupils are attending coaching at the club.

After learning these skills and strategies all of the children had the opportunity to take part in an after school club and further develop their skills outside of class with an opportunity to play at Seascale Golf Club / St Bees Golf club (during the winter). An additional 11 children attended golf after school club who had never played before. There are also 10 children accessing the golf sessions at the club.


There was an increase in the number of children accessing extra curricular golf instruction from 8 to 11 children in the Y5/6 classes and it is hoped that this number will rise again when the summer season begins. 3 out of the 8 children who took part in the extra curricular golf sessions had not taken part in any extra curricular sports in the previous 12 months.


In addition to the physical skills gained, throughout the lessons the rules of the game were reinforced so the children have a better understanding of the game and etiquette. This was evident in the children's understanding of the game and also in the coaching that could be heard between the children within the lesson (reminding each other how to stand, hold the club, swing and power of a shot). One particular child who finds competitive sports very difficult, excelled in the golf sessions and was able to concentrate on his own abilities, showing some good skills and enhanced self confidence.


Children's Comments -

“Golf has been great fun and I’ve learned how to hold the club and aim at a target”




Subject Coordinator Review -

- The teachers were able to be fully involved in the lessons,

- The children were fully engaged in the lessons and showed good learning behaviours

- By the end of the sessions the children were all able to hold the club correctly, stand in the correct position and strike the golf ball.

Children were keen and enthusiastic to learn a new skill.

We have new links with the Golf club and will be running new golf sessions in school in 2018.


Report from Bev, our Golf coach


February 20th 2018 - for 6 weeks we did 2 separate hour long  indoor golf sessions to years 5 & 6, approximately 26 pupils per session.  Starting with some basic challenges and then moved to as close to ‘real’ golf as possible using the putting mat and real golf balls and using the SkyTrak golf simulator with soft balls, recording ball flight, distance, direction and club face impact.


I was very pleased with the enthusiasm and progression the children made during the 6 weeks.

Then after Easter completed 5 x 1 hour after school sessions, 13 children attended and again I started quite basic and then progressing to the putting mat and simulator all indoors.

Children all improved throughout the sessions.


Everyone was enthusiastic and I would enjoy seeing them at the club to see how they improve and like playing on a ‘real’ course.


The Girls Golf Rock Taster session only 1 girl attended from the year 5/6 so that was disappointing, however younger girls attended the day and have made significant progress through the weeks.


We had 11 new attendees to the taster and 10 have gone on to complete the 5 coaching sessions. A real star has been MLwho wouldn’t attend the taster but has joined  in and has progressed throughout the coaching sessions gaining confidence with each session.


It was a worthwhile project introducing the children to golf and one I hope they enjoyed and will want continue to learn.