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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

School Council

Seascale School Council


The school council meet regularly to discuss issues that arise in school for pupils and teachers. The school councillors play an important role gathering information and pupil opinions and sharing them together to inform the work of the Council. They take their work very seriously.

Our Action Plan 2022-23

Some of our school council are helping with our shoe donation to Siiboo

Meet our new School Council


We have suggested some ideas for when the children wash their hands ready for lunch because some children run into the bathroom, turn the tap on, and run out as fast as possible.


We have thought of the idea of having adult supervision and maybe having a poster competition about washing your hand or turning the tap off.

We also think some children race down the corridor to be first in the line but we don't allow that in school and and should walk in single file. We will all try to get better at this.


Our year 6 Councillors took the Harvest Donations to the Food Bank.  Another big thank you to all who donated food.