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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Opening Times


The School Day


The structure of the school day is: 


08.50 - 09.05   Registration  
09.05 - 10.05    Class Time  
10.05 - 10.20  Assembly
10.20 - 10.35      Morning Break  
10.35 - 12.00  Class time 
12.00 - 12.50  Lunch break  KS2 (12-1pm KS1)
12.50 - 15.15    Class time


(14.05 - 14.15  Afternoon break KS1 only) 


Staff are normally on duty from 8.50 am to 3.30pm when the school is responsible for the children.        

Although teachers are usually in school outside these hours preparing lessons and marking work, it must not be assumed that they are available to supervise children.

Children should not arrive for school before 8.50am unless they are attending a club. 

The hours spent on teaching during the normal school week are 27.5 hours per week and 25 actual teaching time in KS2 and KS1 respectively. This does not include registration or break times. Children are required by law to attend school for 190 days a year.