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Seascale Primary School

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The Circulatory System

The Circulatory System


To kick start our learning around this topic we spent some time thinking of different wonder questions. We hope to find out the answers during our learning.

We know key vocabulary is crucial so we spent the first lesson Looking at all the vocabulary we’ll encounter this unit and made any connections we knew already on our concept maps.

Understanding the function of the heart and it’s role in the circulatory system

Rocket Words - circulatory system, atrium, ventricle, vessel, valves


During this lesson we learnt about the function of the heart and how it’s structured. We discuss the difference between oxygenated and deoxygenated blood and how the blood moves around the body and then labelled the different parts of the heart.

In groups or independently we set to making a model of the heart.

Creating questions using our question matrix for Dr Lewis.

Local A&E Doctor, Dr Lewis visited class today and brought a cow heart with him. We were able to ask him questions about the heart, the circulatory system and more about his job that we were interested in. We even had the opportunity to wear gloves and touch and hold the heart if we wanted too.


Still image for this video

Identify and compare blood vessels.

Rocket Words - vessel, artery, vein, capillary, microscope


During this lesson we learnt the difference between the blood vessels in our body and their function. We also conducted an experiment where we learnt how to accurately make a prediction, conduct a fair test to get valid data and interpret our results.

Explore Blood

Rocket Words - blood, plasma, platelet, white blood cell, red blood cell.


For lesson 3 we spent some time learning about the composition of the blood and then the different functions. We used scientific vocabulary and labelled a pie chart to show the composition.

Learn how the body transports water and nutrients

Rocket Words - absorb, diffusion, osmosis, concentration, nutrient


We learnt the terms osmosis and diffusion today and then set up an enquiry. We are developing our enquiry skills and this enquiry was based on observing over time. Collectively we set up an enquiry question, made a prediction and wrote up a method. 

We set up four beakers with different liquids; water, salt water, coke and milk. Each group measured a gummy bear and we placed them in the different beakers. We left them overnight to see what will happen.

Investigate what affects your heart rate.

Rocket words - diet, exercise, heart rate, BPM (beats per minutes), pulse


This lesson gave us chance to try an enquiry of our own. In groups we discussed what question we wanted to investigate, wrote a prediction and created a method. We were able to take measurements and complete a fair test to ensure our data was valid.


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Still image for this video


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Learn about the impact of drugs and alcohol on the body

Rocket Words - stimulant, depressant, hallucinogen, painkiller, drug


We know that drugs and alcohol can have a positive and negative affect on the body. We learnt about the different types of drugs and what they do to the body, that some slow down our body systems and other speed it up but that positive effects such as painkillers and blood thinners.

Research to inform our posters