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Seascale Primary School

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Birch class - WWF elephant adoption

Kiruba the Elephant

This year for Christmas, Birch class were gifted an animal adoption in recognition of their hard work in protecting the environment and their passion for animals. Kiruba is an Asian elephant: she is around 50 years old and is the matriarch in a herd of around 40 elephants. They roam the lands from the Shivalik Hills in Nepal to the grassands of the Corbet National Park in India and they have been looked after by WWF for many years. 


We were excited to find out all about the elephants, why they are endangered and how our sponsorship will help to protect elephants around the world. We will receive updates throughout the year (we haven't received one yet but you can click here to read more information about Kiruba and her family from a previous update in 2020). We also received a small cuddly toy elephant, who we have named Kiki, as a thank-you from WWF. She will go home with a different pupil each Friday and we will hear all about her adventures in a special book that children will fill in.