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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Textiles - Stuffed Toys

Design a stuffed toy

To start our unit we looked at examples of different stuffed toys. We generated different ideas and developed them by communicating our ideas and discussing them with others until we had an annotated sketch. 

With our annotated sketch we made card templates ready to cut the felt for next lesson.

Blanket stitch

We spent some time learning and then practising the blanket stitch.

Class stitching

Still image for this video

Details and appendages

We spent some time sourcing what materials we wanted for our decorations. Some of us used buttons for eyes, other pieces of felt for legs etc. We used a mixture of cross-stitch, blanket stitch and running stitch to decorate our toy.


Carrying on from our previous lesson it was time to finally create out final product. We used blanket stitch to complete our stuffed toy and we are thrilled with the finished products.


Still image for this video