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Seascale Primary School

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The Intent, Implementation and Impact of PSHE at Seascale Primary School



Seascale School understands the importance of supporting pupils Personal, Social and Health  Education and have been using the Jigsaw programme to deliver this.  Jigsaw provides a universal whole-school curriculum that builds social skills, grows emotional literacy, enables mental health, nurtures children’s positive relationships with themselves and others.

Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE, brings together Personal, Social, Health Education, emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development in a comprehensive scheme of learning.




Teachers deliver the Jigsaw programme to their classes. They have a dedicated weekly slot to look at PSHE as well as any additional time when situations arise which need addressing. At times, staff use alternative resources such as SEAL and SUMO if it becomes apparent that a need is emerging in the class. We link the Jigsaw theme, which is delivered to all classes concurrently, to our assemblies.


There are six Puzzles in Jigsaw that are designed to progress in sequence from the start of each academic year:

Term 1: Being Me in My World

Term 2: Celebrating Difference (including anti-bullying)

Term 3: Dreams and Goals

Term 4: Healthy Me

Term 5: Relationships

Term 6: Changing Me (including Sex Education)

Each Puzzle has six Pieces (lessons) which work towards an ‘end product’, for example, The School Learning Charter or The Garden of Dreams and Goals. Each piece has two learning intentions: one is based on specific PSHE learning (purple) and one is based on emotional literacy and social skills development (green).

Finance is taught through class enterprise and Money sense online resource,

Statutory Relationship and Health Education (DfE, England 2019)

Jigsaw provides a comprehensive PSHE Programme which covers all the requirements of the government guidance and outcomes, and more. The Relationships and Healthy Me Puzzles (units) cover most of the aspects in the guidance but these are enhanced, revisited and foundations built throughout the Jigsaw Programme. Jigsaw’s philosophy starts by building positive self-image, a sense of identity and a healthy relationship with self, and from that starting point helps children grow healthy relationships with others.


Once children have completed the Jigsaw program we expect the impact will be an improvement in their capacity to learn, their resilience and emotional well-being and mental health and thereby enhance their life-chances.

Teachers are able to use both summative and formative assessments to monitor and track progress.


Please follow the link to find out more:

Changes to the curriculum from Septmber 2020

LGBTQ Parent Leaflet - Jigsaw