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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Social Justice and Equity

This lesson we played ping pong ideas saying different chocolate bars that we could think of. Then we answered 5 questions about about our self asking things like what we wanted to do where were older and how we feel about school. We watched a video about children in Ghana working on coco plantations and some even stop school because they don't have time for it. We were all given a card and put into groups depending on the card we got given differing amounts of chocolate. We had to decide which group of the cocoa production we were and and then Mrs Crowther told us. W were really shocked to learn that the farmers each the least percentage compared to the retailers.

We looked at Maslow hierarchy of need and discussed how that affected us; what needs we had that were met and unmet and then we compared that to the Ghanaian children we learnt about the previous lesson. It was interesting to compare.

We spent some time researching the United Nations Rights of a Child and what that meant. Mrs Crowther gave us some things to vote on and at first we all got to vote but then she changed it and only people with brown eyes or girls could vote. We realised it wasn't very fair and so stopped the voting. This led us to a discussion about how we can make things fair and how democracy hasn't always been fair for different groups in history. It was really interesting!