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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Ancient Greece

What I know

We made links to the last Ancient Civilisation we learnt about (Ancient Egyptians) in year 3 and explained why we had connected different hexagons.

What I wonder

Using our question matrix we created questions that we wanted to find out during our learning this topic. 


We spent some time investigating our school timeline. We tried to find some key events that took place in the world during the same time but also what was specifically happening in Britain. We used key events and put them in chronological order and created our own timeline in books.

Legacy of Ancient Greece

Greek Language

We made links to our spelling lessons where we have already learnt a lot about the etymology of words used in modern day English. We had a list of prefixes and suffixes from Greek origin and had to come up with many different words that we use today. 

Greek Philosophy

We read some information about Greek philosophers and wrote a bullet point list of key facts. We then created some questions we would like to have asked the philosophers. 

Greek Medicine

We learnt about the impact of Greek medicine on medicine today and even recorded the 'Hippocratic oath'.

Hippocratic oath

Greek Democracy

We read some information about democracy during Ancient Greece and compared it to what we know about democracy in the UK today. After considering different similarities and differences we then compared which parts of the systems were fair and why.

Reliability and validity of sources

Mrs Crowther gave us a variety of sources some groups looked at Greek Medicine and the others the Olympics. We talked through and discussed the sources and learnt about reliability and validity and the difference between primary and secondary sources.


In groups we were then given a pack of sources all about two myths; The Minotaur and The Trojan War. We conducted a collaborative investigation using the sources to decide whether it was true or not.

Mythbusters - The Trojan War episode

Mythbusters - The Minotaur episode

Artefact detectives