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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Communication and Language

Group Poem after exploring the icy outside area.

One Cold Day.


Sparkly frost,

Shining like diamonds,

Freezing cold,

Icy, hard.

Snowy mountains,

Spikey grass,


Like biscuits on the floor

when you stand on them!

Bonfire Night poems!

Bonfire Night

Dark sky

Filled with colour,

Purple, blue.

Fireworks on sticks,

Rainy ones,

Squiggly ones,

Bang! Boom!

Really loud,


 Pshhew! Kapow!

Eating hotdogs, pizza, chips.

Scary, fun, exciting.







Bonfire Night


Out of the ground,

Up in the sky,


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Rainbow colours,

Happy colours,

Red and pink and blue,

Fireworks golden that glisten,

Little purple bits on the ends,

Whooshing, splitting up, sparkling in different places,

Lighting up the dark sky.

Bonfire night is the best!





Bonfire Night


Not far from my house

There was a bonfire in a field,

Lots of wood,

Fireworks everywhere,

Beautiful fireworks,

Lovely colours,

Blue and yellow,

pink purple and red,

Shooting right to the sky.

So dark!

I was drawing my name with a sparkler,

It looked like I was colouring.

Mummies Daddies Aunites, Uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends,

Glow sticks and star lights,

Hot chocolate and hot dogs,

Big bangs made me feel a little scared.

A happy night.

An awesome night.