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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Long Term Study

21st September 2021 🍂

To celebrate National Poetry Day we used our woodland time to be inspired by all the nature around us and then in groups wrote some beautiful poems.


The work in progress


Winter mornings.mp3

The great outdoors.mp3


6th January 2022 ❄️

Some of our sketches and words to describe the area.

18th March 🌼

Observational drawing of a plant


In our long-term study, we have been incorporating art and science into our learning. First our year fives had a litter pick. Then, our lovely year sixes made charts and tables to record the data of their findings. 

After we logged the data we all went out into the long term study area. We placed a hoop on the ground and drew the beautiful nature we could see inside the it. After we drew everything we counted all the flowers grass and insects we could see inside the hoop.  

Next we all got into little groups and watch one flower or leaf and recorded anything that landed on it on a sheet of paper.