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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Living Things and their Habitats

Classify Living Things

In science we have been learning how to classify living things. 

Our rocket words for the 1st lesson were: classify, spore, seed, micro-organism, similarities. we learned how to classify living things and we learned about the 3 groups: animal, plant and the micro-organism. We all work in our tables to arrange 6 pictures into the 3 kingdoms. Then we separated 6 pictures into 2 groups, vertebrates and invertebrates. Finally for our final task we worked in pairs to create our own classification keys. 

Explore the kingdoms of life

For lesson 2 we explored the kingdoms of life. We worked in groups to make a presentation of a kingdom of life. There are five kingdoms plant, animal, protists, fungi and prokaryotes. We worked in three groups plant, animal and fungi to search and use information we already knew. When we finished the presentation we presented it to the class.  

Carl Linnaeus

In the third lesson of science we learned about Carl Linnaeus and how he classified animals into different categories from kingdom to species. We also learned about his life and what he studied in school and made fact files about him.