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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Bear Project

Bear introduces us to Strange Little Bear

Our friend Bear came to visit today. He brought a friend with him,  Strange Little Bear who was very nervous. The children helped to make Strange Little Bear feel welcome in our class. Ellenor was the first person to ask if Strange Little Bear might like some food. He said yes so Ellenor went to the Home Corner and brought him a plate of food. Amber was very kind and asked if Strange a Little Bear would like a drink. He said yes so she made him one and brought it to him. Olivia loved meeting Bear and Strange Little Bear for the first time. She was keen to make them feel welcome by offering them food to eat. Isaac asked Strange Little Bear if he would like some cookies. Strange Little Bear said yes so Isaac went to get some from the Home Corner. Freddie met Bear and Strange Little Bear for the first time. He listened to the ways the other children were helping to make the Bears feel welcome in our classroom, and kindly asked if Strange Little Bear would like a cup of coffee. Strange Little Bear  had a sore foot. Freya thought a plaster might make him feel better. We got the First Aid kit and looked for one. Ronnie helped to put a bandage on Strange Little Bear. Ruby suggested that Strange Little Bear might like a tummy rub to help make him feel better. Leon met Bear. He was interested to see inside his mouth! Bear went for a sleep and Leon helped to put a blanket over Bear. Strange Little Bear needed a sleep too.He borrowed Seascale Bear while he had a sleep.

Bear and Strange Little Bear had a sleep while we drew pictures and made up stories about where Strange Little Bear had come from. When the children had finished their pictures they crept into the book corner and set up a picnic for the bears! While the Bears were sleeping, Eli brought Ali the phone and asked  if she could ring Strange Little Bear and have a chat with him. Ali didn’t think Strange Little Bear had a phone but Eli said he did and it was an invisible one, so Ali rang and had a chat.

Map to show where Strange Little Bear came from...

Last time Bear visited, the children drew pictures of where Strange Little Bear came from and told stories about their pictures. Ali has put the children’s ideas together and has started to create the story of Strange Little Bear. The ideas are amazing! Today we created a big picture map of the places that feature in the story. Everyone helped. We had water, an island, a sandy beach with shells, a pirate ship, a castle inside a cave, land, sea creatures, an abandoned house, horrible grass, seaweed, trees and flowers.



Today was World Food Day. We travelled around the world and sampled food from different countries. We had tortillas from Mexico, couscous from Morocco, baguette and crepes from France, dates from Israel, noodles and prawn crackers from China, naan bread from India and waffles from Belgium.


We saved some of our foods from around the World and shared them with Bear and Strange Little Bear. We had also saved them some carrot soup that we made last week from the carrots we had grown and they really enjoyed it! 

Stange Little Bear writes a story and Bear reads it.

Strange Little Bear has been doing some writing at home and Bear read us his story so far. Strange Little Bear needed some help to finish his story so the children have been drawing pictures and sharing their ideas to help him.

Bear and Strange Little Bear have their flu nasal spray

Bear and Strange Little Bear were visiting when we had our flu nasal spray. The nurses kindly explained why it was important to have the spray and Bear and Strange Little Bear both had a flu nasal spray. 

In which we rename Strange Little Bear and he comes to live with us.

Because we now know Strange Little Bear, Ali decided it was time to think of a new name for him. We all came up with a name and the names were put into a bowl. The name that was drawn out was Rainbow Mud. So he will now be known as Rainbow Mud. Rainbow Mud would like to come and live with us at Seascale School so we had a think about how to look after a Bear and we started to make a new home for him.

How to look after a Bear. 

Let him have:


1. Lots of sleep.

2. Give him loads of cuddles (the bear hug)

3. He needs food and water. Berries in the autumn. He also likes chocolate cakes, carrots, cup cakes and honey.

4. Give him lots of kisses.

5. Celebrate his birthday: March 15th 2022

6. Make a nice cosy bed.

7. Give him a teddy.

8. Make him stories.

9. Read him stories.