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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

The Snail and the Whale

In our first lesson of our new topic, we began by writing adjectives to describe what we could see on the front page. We then got in groups and each chose and animal to be from the cover, to create a freeze frame. Miss Little walked round and tapped us on the head. When Miss Little tapped us on the head, we had to say what we thought that animal might say of feel.

We looked at the main character in our story, a sea snail. We wrote down some facts we already knew about sea snails and what we would like to find out. We then carried out some research to find out some more, interesting facts.

We spoke about how the snail in our story wanted to go and travel the world. We discussed how her family wanted her to stay and the whale wanted her to go with him. We created a conscience alley to show how we can persuade people to make decisions. One side was the whale and the other side was the snails family. The snail in the middle had to decide if they wanted to stay or to go. We then began writing a letter to the snail to let her know our opinion.


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In English, we are pretending to be the snail from our story and creating a travel journal to write about our journey to different places around the world. We started by travelling to Antarctica. We found it on our school map and placed the snail on it to show where we had been. We then watched a video of Antarctica and wrote down some useful adjectives and nouns to use in our journal writing.

Today on our travels, we went to Australia to visit the Great Barrier Reef. We then wrote the entry into our journal. We seen lots of amazing sea creatures and learnt about the names of some different types of fish.

Today we travelled to the Red Sea in Egypt.

In this lesson we became news reporters. We developed some questions that a news reporter may ask the characters when the whale got stuck on the beach. We then worked in groups to act out a news report.


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