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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Fantasy - Quest stories

Our Topic is 'Fantasy - Quest stories'. We are reading books by Oliver Jeffers.

In our first lesson of this topic, we read Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We discussed how both characters in the story felt throughout the story. We then sequenced some images to show the order of events within the story.

Today we discussed the characters feelings at different points in the story (Lost and Found). We then worked in groups to create freeze frames to show these emotions.

Today we worked as a whole class on our whiteboards. We recapped on nouns and verbs and discussed past and present tense.

Today we have looked deeper into past and present tenses. We have learned about the progressive form and sorted sentences into past progressive and present progressive.

We read a new story today by Oliver Jeffers. We then used the book to learn about statements and questions. We wrote down with our partner, a question about the story. We the wrote a statement sentence to answer our question.

Today we looked at different sentence types. We sorted sentences into questions, statements, commands and exclamations.