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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Chez Moi

We began the unit by learning how to describe our house and where it is. 

J’habite dans...

J’habite dans...

We then learned how to ask the question ‘where do you live?’ and answer it. 

Ou habites tu?

Then we learned how to describe the rooms in our house. We put this into a sentence using the phrase, ‘Chez moi il y a...’

We completed a reading activity to match descriptions of houses to the correct images. 



We learned how to say different rooms in our homes to help us describe them. 

Decris moi chez toi

We learned how to say what rooms we don’t have in our homes. 

Chez moi il n’y a pas de...

We combined what we had learned so far to practise some extended speaking and listening. 

Extended speaking

Finally, we finished with some extended writing.