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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Magnets and Forces

Our topic is Magnets and Forces.

We began our first lesson of our Magnets and Forces topic by recapping on the work we did in Year 1/2. We used our floor book to help us remember. We then explored the difference between contact and non-contact force. We completed several activities outside and observed the forces that were used in each. We then drew a picture of our favourite activity and wrote about the forces we had used.

In our second lesson of our Magnets and Forces topic, we investigated how different surfaces can influence how an object moves. We began by testing how a soft ball moves on the table compared to the carpet. We then did an experiment as a group to determine which surface would slow the ball down the most. We used sandpaper, wood, plastic, carpet and wool. We discovered that the sandpaper slowed it down the most as it caused the most friction.

This week in Science we have been learning about magnets and their magnetic fields. We carried out an investigation to find out which objects in our classroom are magnetic. We learnt that not all metal is magnetic.

In our Science lesson this week, we investigated the strength of a variety of different magnets. We used a ruler and a paper clip to test how much magnetism the magnets had.