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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Identity and Diversity

As part of our learning about identity and diversity we were challenged by Mrs Crowther to try some foods from different cultures, watch a film or programme from a different country and learn how to say hello in a different language, this was to gain an appreciation for different cultures.

We learnt what diversity was and began to explore diversity in our country. We watched a video to learn about different ways we can be more diverse. We talked about the things that contributed to our identities and the importance of people being treated equally whatever their diverse identities. We thought about ourselves and created an identity passport. 

Throughout history people from different groups have suffered unfair treatment.

However, there have been many people who have stood up for the rights of others and through their work have become champions of diversity. We learnt about Ade Adepitan, Malala Yousafzai and Sir Lenny Henry and the contributions they have made. 

We then created a poster that stands up to discrimination and celebrates diversity so we could become a 'Diversity Champion'.