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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


A New Year Carol by Benjamin Britten

We began our topic today listening to the song and discussing what sounds we could hear. We learnt about the history of the song and a little about the composer.


We did some fun breathing exercises and started to learn the song, have a listen to our first go.

A New Year Carol - 6-1-22.mp3

Have a listen to our second week at learning the song. Here are recordings of verse 1, 2, and 3.

Verse 1.mp3

Verse 2.mp3

Verse 3.mp3

Week 3 we had a go at learning the Gospel version of our song.

Celebrating Jazz

This unit is focused around two tunes and improvising:


Bacharach Anorak and Meet The Blues.


smiley Happy smiley

Our first unit is all about the song Happy!

We listened to the song, discussed it and then learnt the tempo and different parts. After warming our voices up we had a go at performing it for the first time!


Have a listen to our audio clips below to see how we did.

New Recording 4.mp3

New Recording 5.mp3

New Recording 3.mp3

This week we have rehearsed Happy using glockenspiels.

Copy and playback using glockenspiels.mp3

Happy Glockenspiels.mp3

Also this week we found the tempo using clapping and had another go at singing.

Happy Warm up clapping.mp3

Vocal warm up.mp3

Happy Vocals.mp3