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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


Each class accesses half a term of sessions with Judo Janice throughout the year, where they learn about terminology, skills and techniques for Judo.


Children who develop an interest in Judo also have the opportunity to attend the after-school club where theses skills and techniques are developed further.



Judo Coaching/ Judo club 2017-18

What we Provided


Judo coaching in school for £450


Breakfast Judo club for those keen to continue

Target group

year 3/4


Open to anyone from yr1-yr6



What we provided (Inc. Why we provided it, potential difficulties and specific learning outcomes)

The difference we made (Inc. evidence of how we know)


Specific Learning Outcome

To extend the children’s awareness of different forms of sport

To follow clear instructions

To develop a wide range of Judo skills.


Planned Provision

A judo coach attend school weekly for 10 week


The children have thoroughly enjoyed this particular sport and are gaining confidence in their control and partner work.

The children have learned a range of skills to support their health and wellbeing.

Children make links to clubs in the community so they can continue to enjoy the sport. We have one pupil regularly attending the local Judo club.

As a result of the good quality coaching we now have a vibrant Judo Breakfast club that starts at 8am.

The Judo Breakfast club now runs regularly with 22 members. We have recently purchased Judo kit for the club to help raise the children's attitude further.

 The children's responses to their Judo sessions include:

"The new suits are awesome!"

"Judo is good fun and it's great to be with your friends."

"A good way to keep fit."


"It brings on my confidence."

 The children are really excited that they will begin to take part in School Judo grading.


Early start for our Breakfast Judo club