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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


What is PLACE?

The PLACE project puts children at the heart of the action with Place Based Learning as they respond to their community’s needs through and active citizenship.


We competed three activities to help us get a better understanding of our thoughts on wellbeing, belonging and community, and agency (our confidence that we can make a change). 

Baseline 1

Baseline 2

Baseline 3

Some quotes from this activity:


‘Kids are just like any other human.’


‘Some people have done it before but I haven’t.’


‘I know that the environment is important but I don’t know how to do it.’


‘Giving back to the community.’


‘I’m just not confident?’


‘I just feel shy.’

What do we already do?

We created sound maps to help e lore our area. 

Litter pick

We were shocked that there was so much litter so we made posters.