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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Poet in Residence

We were visited by the poet Emma McGordon who worked with us for a whole day! We played games to help us with rhyme and listening skills then we worked together to think about what a good poem should include. Our list was:


  • imagination
  • inspiration
  • magic
  • silence
  • space
  • being proud of it
  • practice
  • confidence
  • movement
  • expression
  • rhyme
  • interesting
  • words
  • paper
  • pencil 
  • concentration 
  • a loud voice
  • memory
  • be a poet


We used all of these ideas to create a poem called 'What you need for the poetry pot.'



What you need for the poetry pot


Things we need for the poetry pot

to keep it interesting and keep it hot

first of all we need to find

some little words that all rhyme

imagination in our mind

for special words that we need to find

you give the words lots of space

and they will solve the rhyming case

you need concentration

to tap into your imagination

then the magic will appear

and the poetry will be in your ear

A piece of paper you will need

to grow the poem from a seed.


your pencil needs to be sharp

just like the teeth of a poerty shark





if you want to leave a good impression

you must use good expression

you will need a loud voice

don’t be as quiet as a tortoise

when your voice is nice and loud

you will feel very proud

your memory you will have to use

and your poetry will be a cruise

you will be an inspiration

to every child across the nation


your poem will need lots of movement

if you want to see an improvement


and confidence will surely climb

up your spine with the perfect rhyme


now you can see that we have cracked this

we have done so much practice


Everyone here is a poet

listen carefully and you will know it.