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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


 Forces and magnets

Pupils in year 5 discussed what they already knew about magnets and generated questions they would like to answer during the unit. Some were answered by others in the group, some were researched using books and computers, while others were investigated in class experiments. The first question we investigated was, "Are all magnets the same strength?" To do this we looked at how thick a barrier needed to be to prevent a magnet attracting a paperclip, as well as how many paperclips a single magnet could hold in a chain.

Investigating magnetism

Sugar Week

As part of our whole school Global Learning, we have been looking at sugar. Year 5 came up with a variety of scientific questions to investigate. One was, "Does food with more sugar always taste sweeter?" To test this, we tasted a variety of food and ranked them in order of sweetness using a class vote. We then used the nutrition information on the packaging to see if we were correct!

Sugar Experiments

Year 5 planned, carried out and evaluated fair tests to answer their own investigation questions about sugar, including:

  • Does sugar dissolve more easily in different types of liquid?
  • How does temperature affect the rate sugar will dissolve?
  • Which types of sugar are the most soluble in water?
  • Does the size of the sugar lump affect how long it takes to dissolve?
  • Does stirring increase the rate sugar will dissolve?


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