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Seascale Primary School

Aim High


Spring Term 1 - Rivers

This half term we will be looking at rivers. Our key learning points include:

  • The water cycle
  • What is a river?
  • How rivers are used
  • Features of a river
  • How rivers are affected by humans
  • The impact of flooding
  • The world's longest rivers

Autumn Term: North America Comparative Study

This term we will be focusing on map skills, before honing in on Europe and North America. We are looking forward to completing an in-depth study of two specific regions: Cumbria and Tobago. Our study will include learning about biomes and climate zones, vegetation belts, settlements and land use as well as cultural similarities and differences.

Art: Boscoe Holder


We are looking at the landscape paintings of Boscoe Holder, who was famous for his work inspired by Trinidad and Tobago. After learning about his life, we practised techniques he employed such as stippling and hatching, in order to fill in spaces in his paintings. We had fun and learned a little something by the end about being neat and tidy when painting! Our next art lesson will take us to the beach where we will begin to create our own paintings in the style of Boscoe Holder.