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Seascale Primary School

Aim High

Thursday 14th Jan

Good Morning Maple Class!


Click here for today's Sway.


Please upload your English (and music) to this assignment before pressing submit at the end of the day.





Year 4



Year 5

  • Please see Mrs Spencer's Y5 Maths Sway
  • Make sure you have marked your skills sheet and uploaded it into assignments please.
  • Please complete the LBQ questions (code will be given in the meeting)
  • Mathletics for today and tomorrow






Rachel Isadora set her version of the story in Africa. You are going to set the story in a different setting. You are not writing the story today!

  • Choose one of the possible settings below.

  • Underwater
  • In space
  • A very cold country
  • In the future
  • One of your own setting idea
  • Draw a detailed pencil sketch of the Prince and Princess.
  • Now write a short paragraph to describe the two characters in this setting, what they are wearing and what they have with them? Include pronouns in your writing so that it flows (see Word page 1 for pronoun list).
  • Underline or highlight the pronouns that you have used.





Year 4


Year 5

  • Watch the music lesson on Oak here

  • You don't need an instrument - all you need is yourself!

  • If you want to, you can upload a video of you completing one of the activities.



Well done! Remember to upload your English (and music if you'd like to) to this assignment before pressing submit at the end of the day